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When Timmy was in Senior high, he started to venture to Times Square, NYC 
and learned about the sex scene. He 
started with the adult book stores and 
theaters usually meeting street hustlers his age. Though Timmy was trained early he 
was naive to streetlife and was mostly a cocktease to 'johns' that were coming on
to him. He befriended hustlers to learn the
ways and they were good company.     


Timmy told his foster parents that he was staying over a friends house, but snuck off to Times Square, his first time at night, which is TOTALLY  different than his lunchtime visits during the schoolweek. He arrived early evening to one of the videostores to find it was packed to the rim with nothing but grown men looking at him like wolves. Problem for Timmy was he didn't have lots of money to spend on booths and they SERIOUSLY monitored your usage so he ended going in circles for serious hustler experience.


A hustler he met in one spot, told him of another that was 'alive' and to check it out. He did. A black dad with freckles and a fishnet muscleshirt practically forced him in a booth. Timmy played with his cock and started his bullshit speech about 'I'm tight so please go easy', but before he could start the black dad turned him and around put his hand on Timmys mouth and told him to spit. Timmy did, the black dad took that hand and slapped and shoved his wet finger in Timmys crack and Timmy yelped, hands went over his mouth and a semi brick shaped dick went into Timmy 'jailrape' style. You could hear a rhythm through the walls of the structure if you were in the next booths,  over the sounds of a muffled crying boy. After the black dad finished up and ran out as if he robbed a bank, Timmy could feel that he was 'leaking' and being watched by someone the hall, but before he could say anything, a man 6'7'' with 11.5 inches in his hand stepped in, Timmy tried to refuse, but felt a knife at his neck and hot breath in his ear saying ' faggot, bendover , don't say shit'. Timmy started crying with his hand over his mouth as the volume went up on the video and the dick went up his pussy forcing him to gasp into shock. After about 20 blows of mega hard dick slammed his pussy, Timmy passed out. All Timmy remembered was the manager of the store waking him up yelling  he's calling cops. Timmy tried to quickly dress but so much sperm had came out his pussy onto the floor, he would slip trying to stay straight as he pulled his pants up. Timmy had a bigger problem.

To be continued.

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