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Sons of NAMBLA

Some of the best times in a young boys life are his memories of having an adult cock in his mouth while being told he's a good boy. Society sends them into a shame 'cave' for life. We invite them to parties to meet others like  him and 'relive' the events to his desire. NO judgements, all praise or abuse, your choice. Yes, you are welcome to dress in lingerie like your uncle raised you to do.

LIVE VideoChat

Every Sunday at noon EST we meet in our Chat room and share stories of living the NAMBLA life. Also looking for priests to share their wisdom and give guidance for those that seek it. Dads MUST be ON-CAMERA with any son under 18 and must forwarn moderator so announcement can be made.  Masks/hoods are ok.


Favorite Father and son

Whos'your favorite 'father and son' team?

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