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Atlantic City, New Jersey is my choice of location for my events and I'm sure you will enjoy as well.  Whats great besides it being a great entertainment spot is its all night public transportation. Even if you need taxi/Uber its usually less than fifteen dollars one way to wherever you're going. You can stay in one hotel and visit others with different themed sex parties. The best time is off-peak season when the room rates are much lower on Saturday nights. If you plan on being a regular I SERIOUSLY advise you join their rewards progams or memberships. Its DEFINITELY worth it, if only for parking alone its worth it.

Cruise the boardwalk for cocks all day long. Go out for dinner and drinks as you meet men bring as your guests to the event or to meet in your private room for later.

Logon to Live chat session at stated time to receive a password for entry into the 'party'.  Only 'organic entries' allowed. ( Everything on your person/body is organic, no metal, no electronics. Only fabric. No eyeglasses, or anything manmade besides shoes/clothing. There is NO recording allowed.   Alcoholic punches and sandwich bites are served OR continental breakfast at 4am, based on your poll prior to event. Come to fuck or get fucked or be removed.  Do NOT come thinking this is a matchmaking event.  No guys who 'wanna be alone'  and detach from everyone else.  Nope. Get out.

12542_Double Suite 2.webp

Who's gonna be there ?     What should I expect?     What will it cost?      Whats allowed in terms of drugs?      What do I need to bring?

Who's gonna be there ?     Who ever you invited. I can only do but so much and I don't know everyones taste and I don't know a lot of people so I'm relying on YOU to get guys to know that YOU  will be there ready to fuck and the more that know the more choices you will have , especially if EACH and EVERY person also attending thinks this way. Please , please, please share on your social media.

What should I expect? You're entering a 2 bed room suite, that will very dimly lit, filled with half naked men. The hour time frame for entry will be a time to drink, smoke and relax and unwind amongs friends to 'break the ice'. After that hour or 2, an announcement for clothes check will be made where everyone undresses and checks their clothing. ADVICE:  Wear the shittiest sweatpants and top you own. I will not replace damaged or lost clothing above $20 value.  Weed is allowed on the balcony area ONLY,  not inside. NO PnP

NON - DISCLOSURE  AGREEMENT at the door will only need your thumbstamp, no signature. 

1. The events that are taking place, NEVER HAPPENED.

2.You have NO affiliaton to law enforcement of any kind, any country, and omitting such information is a confirmation of entrapment.

3. You are an adult and will take FULL responibility for your actions and  promise to respect others and WILL NOT DRIVE if impaired from t his event, nor hold event responsible for my actions.

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