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When I was 9 I used to shower with my dad, he always soaped me up really good especially around my penis and my dirty butthole (his words).. He would have me bend over and hold my ass checks open so he could soap my crack and stick his finger in to make sure I was clean. At age 9 I got my first little boner after he cleaned me. I ssked what was wrong with it and he told me to go ask mom. I showed her and she made a face and said it meant I was growing up. She washed it with cold water and washcloth and it went away. I remember them arguing and after it happened 3 more times she made me shower by myself.. Dad just laughed. I rem looking at jis penis asking why it was different. He was uncircumcise. I am sure I soaped it some but don’t remember him ever getting hard.



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