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I fuck 'em. I fuckin love them. Now, while some of you maybe reading this calling me all kinds of insults, but it would only mean you have NO understanding of the Alpha vs Faggot 'genre'. A REAL faggot reading this understands EXACTLY what I mean.

A faggot, you could walk up to in a bathhouse with little conversation, push him against the wall in the public hallway and fuck him righteous while dudes walk pass pretending to not notice or stand nearby and masturbate. You can call him a faggot while they watch and he'll cheer you on. You could treat him like a whore while the entire bathhouse watches and he 'll love you for a lifetime.

The days and the people of the word faggot connected to hatred, violence and other insanity does not exist in my world for I have no time nor interest in it. I made lemons into lemonade and made them my only sexual mate. Calling a boy a faggot is the 'mirrored name calling' as a hetero couple using the word 'bitch' in sexplay and thats how it is used in this website, not at all in a senseless malicious manner. 

Henrick Sommer


are not based on how masculine or feminine one behaves. A faggot is a submissive that believes he has a pussy for men to use as THEY see fit and he has no say. He has ZERO desire to be the aggressor. MOST OF ALL HE DOES NOT SEEK LOVE OR RESPECT because he knows he's loved and respected by the amount of sperm in his pussy.  Most faggots desire a mate to be owned and used by his owner and owners friends.

Free      FAGGOT I.D.

are for members with a complete profile 

with videopersonal. You select and send us the pics and 500 character profile. You MUST have contact info provided.

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TRUE faggots or born to be faggots, usually have small, limp dicks and leak profusely while being fucked by an Alpha. FUCKING  LOVE IT

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