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This is a private website for my friends and supporters. It is BEST
viewed on a laptop/tablet...not designed for mobile phones. 
I promote private 'adult' parties for sex addicts and perverts. LOVE does not LIVE at my events, so don't come looking for it. I DO NOT ...I repeat..I DO NOT
do matchmaking parties. If your type isn't at my events its because
you didn't tell anyone you wanted to see there, about the event. These events
are a group effort so please share on your social media.

Most of the photos on this site are internet domain and for entertainment purposes only and NOT for sale. I do not own them and I give credit if it is known. Anyone seeking removal should contact

Access to this website requires a purchase of our merchandise on OR take the survey below and I MIGHT give you free access.

7347004_0 (1).jpg

This is an adult website filled with (mostly gay-perverted) content that may/may not be offensive to some. It is NOT woke.

Racism/raceplay, politics, agendas, religion, hard drug use topics are forbidden. 

To gain access please upload a photo of your purchase made on


GROUPS are now bulletin boards based on location, sort of like Craigs list...hint, hint. Join us if your location is presented or let me know where its needed.

Are you my people?
When was your first sexual experience?
Are you over 18?
Do you agree with intergenerational sex?
Who was your first?
How did you find us?
Which would you most likely attend?

Thanks for submitting!

Timlildk copy.png
newadd copy.jpg

Hosting private motel 'meets' for discreet males who seek the same . Our room is the 'hospitality' room where men meet/mingle/play to take their choice back to their private room. Featuring open bar, food, movies, and music.


NO COMMITTMENT necessary...but advised.

No need to advance purchase, but I advise you  make a reservation for the room. Those that are NOT a member and wait til the last minute, always pays the most.

You can connect via our LIVECHAT ROOM. No need to visit the hospitality room . Don't forget others from the area will also be in the chat room, it will also be available to locals in the area.

We offer wifi color bulbs for color coded sex romping. As you cruise the motel walkways you will know the rooms with




This is perfect for truckers, married/bi males, and travelling males. You create your own theme or no theme, because you have your own space. We provide the festive.

THESE EVENTS ARE DESIGNED for ANONYMOUS HOOKUPS.  They are NOT for those seeking love, a husband, kids, a house, and a boutique to keep busy.  I throw parties for perverts and gay sex addicts. If you're neither, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU...I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.


I welcome those with ski masks/sex hoods just for their own comfortability, though its OPTIONAL and must be put on inside the room, NOT before.  I will be recording AFTER, I repeat...AFTER the party is over for my own purposes, you are welcome to join. 

ANYONE  that brings that 'diva in a gay club' attitude will be removed like week old wet pasta with tuna. This is an all 'classic' male event, complete with toxic masculinity and flaws. It is DEFINITELY not for the woke. I'd rather have 5 seriously horny, hot dudes than 30 with a bunch of attitudes.

My parties are for those who don't mind paying for the perks.

General admission is $100, $50 for members w/ complete profile ,  FREE for male members under 25  w/ complete profile or guests of members that are 25 and under. Donation is for open bar, mostly 'finger foods', hot porn, music, free toiletries (enemas, condoms,lube)

What you are paying for is the ability to socialize for sexual intentions amongst like minded males in a convenient, safe setting. I DO NOT promise sex or any social enhancement.  Also, you're paying for 2 sessions of food and beverages. Food is out for 2 hours at beginning of event and around 4am a continental breakfast is set out. Please note staying at another lodging only complicates things and I CANNOT guarantee entry.


Join Us

Greensboro, N.C.  Pride


Book your room NOW!!!

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